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Chinese Graffiti Artists Buck Tradition

Chinese Graffiti Artists Buck Tradition

It can be very easy to forget that graffiti is hardly an American invention. In fact. graffiti has been found adorning the inner chambers of the Great Pyramid, so, yeah, it’s been around for a long, long time.

I’d be willing to bet that for as long as we have been able to make a mark on something, and had the intelligence and civility to designate certain places as “Mark Free Surfaces”, some creative person has been marking them.

While American graffiti tends to run the gamut of free-form scrawl to mega-sized murals, Chinese graffiti artists form crews in Beijing who design portraits and pieces that are arguably unmatched in the West.

The Guardian has a great story on it: Great walls of China: Beijing’s burgeoning graffiti scene – in pictures

This pieces are truly amazing. Some address social issues, some are paid commercial works used to drive customers in the doors, and some are simply there to entertain.

But all of them are worth a look.